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Distributing in Knoxville, TN, we provide families and restaurants with wholesome, East Tennessee raised, 100% Grass-Fed Beef. We are producer pledged and consumer certified™ and strive to provide the purest and highest quality ground beef and steaks available, as well as a variety of gourmet offerings from our farm.

As a family farm located in Greenback, TN, Century Harvest guarantees absolute purity of product and clarity for the consumer. From the day the cow is born until the day you pick up your beef, our customers take pride in knowing their food was humanely raised on an open pasture in East Tennessee.

A New Way to Purchase Beef

We've developed an innovative way to buy grass-fed beef that is fresher, healthier, and higher in quality than anything you will find — even in gourmet markets. Take our tour and learn how. Century Harvest products are available exclusively through our farm via phone/email, at the Maryville Farmer's Market, and at Just Ripe in downtown Knoxville, TN.

If you've ever asked yourself why it is so difficult to eat fresh, healthy food without spending a fortune, we have your answer. Learn how purchasing Century Harvest beef can make you healthier and make our food system more sustainable and more secure.

We greatly appreciate your interest!


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